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Elaine DePrince is available to speak on the following topics:

  1.  How to discover talent and encourage      achievement in all children, ​

  2.  Raising children to be free of bigotry 

  3. A mother's experience  raising children with AIDS in the early days of the HIV epidemic, 

  4. CRY BLOODY MURDER - the true story of a blood-borne pandemic,

  5. How to stay young while growing old,

  6. What to expect when your child dreams of become a ballerina.

  7. Adopting - the myth and reality,

  8. How to help your child, teen or young adult cope with their fatal illness,

  9. Ways to heal after the death of a child,

  10. Raising a disabled child.

Elaine DePrince, mother, book author, motivational speaker, lecturer, advocate and former special education teacher is a graduate of Rutgers University.  


After her three youngest sons with hemophilia contracted HIV from 

contaminated blood products, DePrince wrote CRY BLOODY MURDER: A TALE OF TAINTED BLOOD (Random House, 1997). This well-reviewed book, a scathing indictment of the blood-products industry of the 1980s, was instrumental in affecting change to blood safety legislation, developing the legal theory for the U.S. hemophilia/HIV lawsuits, and 

gaining Federal compensation to the HIV-infected U.S. hemophilia community.

In 1999 DePrince took a leave of absence from law school to adopt a child from war-torn West Africa. She says the need was so great that she never returned to law.  She ended up instead with six West African daughters, including world-renowned ballerina, Michaela DePrince and singer/songwriter Mia DePrince. 

Now a septuagenarian, DePrince still writes books and song lyrics full time. Her teen and children’s books have been published on six continents, and in over a dozen languages, including Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu. She is the Executive Editor of a book and song-publishing company, Sweet Mocha Music LLC, which she operates with her daughter, Mia.  She currently lives in metropolitan Atlanta with her youngest daughters and her husband of nearly half a century